Taking self-care seriously

Finding the right balance of feeling great and making right impression can be balanced out within one’s own needs to socialize. In some terms it might be required for one to maintain higher standards of self care, but one should always value self respect, nevertheless of the social requirements placed upon him.


Some female counterparts highlights that they attention might firstly revolve around ones visual appearance as well as personal hygiene. In some terms these things do reflect of ones feelings of worthiness in terms of self respect for taking care of his body. Things like keeping your shoes clean might be unfamiliar with some young students. Some even say that they can evaluate the welfare just by looking at the condition of one’s shoes. It is seen as seemingly the least apparent feature of visual appearance and it appears to somehow signaling the so called true picture of one’s evaluation of his worth. On some terms it can be agreeable with homework-desk review portal, which claims that personal belongings that are less common in terms of one’s appearance like shoes or other features of body.


For example, odor signalizes one’s self determination in terms of prioritization of visual appearance. Students must take care of themselves as it indirectly affects their life and academic performance in college.


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By Daisy Ferrell
Added Jul 1 '17


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